Medpay Medical Massage

Medical Massage with Med-Pay

“Med-Pay” is sometimes called the forgotten insurance coverage. Almost everybody’s car insurance includes it, yet it is rare that people even know if they have such coverage.

Movement Mechanics offers State Certified Medical Massage. If you have been in a car accident within the last few months, we may be able to offer you Medical Massage with no out-of-pocket cost! There is absolutely no obligation. Let us help you make the most of your MedPay coverage.

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What Is Med-Pay?

The purpose of MedPay is to pay for medical care following an auto accident both for the policyholder AND other occupants in that vehicle. MedPay is an abbreviation of “Medical Payments.” It was formerly optional coverage, but since January 2009, your auto insurance company must provide this coverage. Colorado requires every Colorado driver to be offered at least $5,000.00 of Med-Pay for all cars insured after January 1, 2009.

Under Colorado law, policyholders may reject this coverage by waiving the required coverage. However, if the insurance company fails to produce these signed documents during the claim process, the insurance company must provide the coverage – even if they never collected the premium from the policyholder. As long as you have not taken action to decline this coverage, you already have it!

How Does Med-Pay Work?

The new Med-Pay law is very much geared toward assuring that emergency facilities and emergency transport companies get compensated following treatment of a person injured in an auto accident. After emergency services are completed the remaining balance of unclaimed medical proceeds can be used to pay any other injury-related medical expenses presented to the insurance company. This includes Medical Massage, acupuncture, and many other services that Movement Mechanics offers.

We make healing easy, many times injuries can occur in the head, neck, and shoulder regions with as little as 10mph impact. Once you are in an accident receiving treatment as immediately as possible can reduce the risk of longer term damage, ie: scar tissue, headaches, migraines, shock and more.

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