What is the “Cold” Phase of Whiplash?

Cold whiplash is the stage after hot whiplash; it sets in when time has passed after an injury that has not been resolved (essentially, the hot stage hasn’t been dealt with, and the body dealt with it the best way it could without help). Sometimes people don’t even realize that they have suffered a whiplash […]

Mobilizing the Neck

Did you know that the neck is more mobile than the rest of the spine? It also bears the burden of supporting the entire weight of the head. It bears this burden gracefully, but tension in the shoulders can actually shorten the neck and limit range of motion. If the head is jarred at a […]

What is Whiplash?

Doctors will sometimes use the term “hyperextension injury” to describe it, but whiplash is a more visceral term to describe the trauma that affected the victim’s neck. The neck itself has abruptly completed a whip-like motion, bending first towards, then away from the point of impact. As the head moves rapidly in one direction, the […]

Treatment for a Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is defined as a soft tissue injury to the neck. It often occurs after an automobile accident, but it can also occur during a fall or when any sudden hit to the head or neck area is sustained. Usually, the reason for neck damage is sudden flexion and extension. When the head or neck […]