What is the “Hot Phase” of Whiplash?

It involves extremely hypersensitive tissues (these can be anywhere in the body) that are extremely aroused by the sympathetic nervous system.  It causes these tissues to become inflamed, and therefore to guard themselves which results in immobilization (which is essentially the tension that you feel when you can’t move your neck or shoulders without extreme […]

Cervical Core “Sleeve Technique” for Whiplash

Any sudden backward acceleration of the head, such as those caused by a rear-end impact or a backward fall, will violently overextend and injure the soft tissues of the anterior [front] of the neck. Once the inflammatory (“hot”) stage has diminished and the rest of the body has been properly prepared, your massage therapist can […]

The Difference Between “Hot” and “Cold” Whiplash

Whiplash has both “hot” and “cold” phases. Hot whiplash is characterized as being more recent, usually less than six weeks post-injury. It typically involves the sympathetic nervous system,[fight or flight response] depicted by: arousal, inflamed and hypersensitive tissue, and immobilization and guarding. It can occur anywhere in the body. The guarding stage involves spasms and […]