Welcome to MyBodyGarage,your source for holistic health related topics of interest. Today’s topic is the all important, Digestion. The digestive fire, a major player in oriental medicine five element theory, is imperative to our overall health. The digestive process commences when we chew or masticate solid food.The pytalin enzyme then takes over by further breaking […]

Skin problems and remedies

Skin problems and remedies. Stretch marks. Appearing as unappealing red or white lines on ones belly, thighs or other areas where adipose tissue is prevalent, often during pregnancy when weight gain occurs. Dermatologic may be necessary, chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy are three options. Dark rings under the eyes. Presents as sleep deprivation, and […]

med pay

Welcome to the weblog of Movement Mechanics. Our focus for the immediate future will be Med-Pay insurance. This program is for those with no health insurance, and or those who can benefit from a supplemental program, even those individuals who have major medical coverage, but desire to have fewer out of pocket expenses. The focal […]

what do x-rays REALLY tell you

Welcome to the weblog of Movement Mechanics. Our focus is the innovative Med-Pay assurance program. We here at Movement Mechanics believe in health and wellness as a community endeavor, and Med-Pay assurance is an integral part of that model as well. Med-Pay has a well-oiled system for the individual client who chooses to avoid the […]

Repair Zone Success

Movement Mechanics leaves you feeling refueled and revving to go. The repair zone body work really gets into the nooks and crannies of your body, loosening tightened musculature you never knew was an issue. Just like you car, you body needs maintenance care so it can perform and operate at its best. If you want […]

Life-long Client

Dear AJ, I am writing to share how MM maintenance packages has changed my life. My niece and I started on our maintenance plan 4 months ago. We started bc my niece is 5’4 and close to 200 lbs. I was afraid that if I didn’t get her moving she would just be another statistic. […]

Hope but no Expectations

I had never gone to a massage therapist before AJ. I was having sporadic problems with muscles in my hips which was affecting my ability to complete regular chores like mowing my lawn and walking even short distances. Going to an MD was last resort because I didn’t want to consider prescription drugs or surgery. […]

AJ Gantt

I always have fun… My goal in life is to help as many people as possible live life to the fullest everyday… be pain free, be flexible, and enjoy any hobbie or sport. Athletic Backround: I started as a gymnast, then evolved to a cheerleader and wrestler. While in high school I was a “Student” […]

Back & Muscle Problems

I have back and muscle problems and have gone to numerous massage therapists and chiropractors in the past. Movement Mechanics is the first care provider who actually listened to me to correct my issues and I have for the first time felt much better. Also, the friends and clients that I have sent have had […]

Serandipity Sale

I had a wonderful few days at the Serendipity sale at the Budwiser event center. I met some amazing people there today who were part of the Mon-A-Vie family. More importantly I met many soon to be mom’s who were interested in improving their and their families health. We talked about everything from sinus headaches […]