Treatment for Whiplash

Are you suffering from headaches, neck pain, tingling sensation or numbness in arms? You could be suffering from whiplash.  Here are some things you should pay attention to: Primary treatment for whiplash injury with low-pain intensity:   Start with rest. Medical practitioners believe that faster healing of whiplash is achieved by prolongation of every day […]

Treatment for a Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is defined as a soft tissue injury to the neck. It often occurs after an automobile accident, but it can also occur during a fall or when any sudden hit to the head or neck area is sustained. Usually, the reason for neck damage is sudden flexion and extension. When the head or neck […]

Human Beings are like cars

“Human beings break down the same reason cars break down; they’re either driven on bad roads or made badly in the first place,” said David Barker, a professor of clinical epidemiology at England’s University of Southampton, who in 1989 initially advanced the idea that coronary heart disease might originate in fetal life.   enjoy this […]

Introduction to daily post

Welcome to the “My Body Garage”blogging site.Our forte is the realm of healing arts:Massage Therapy, Yoga, Skin Care, and more. My name is Liam, and the owner, A.J.Gantt, has taken me under her wing for a 16 week internship.I attended the Taos School of Massage,and became Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 2004.My […]

Massage and Fibromyalgia

Welcome to MyBodyGarage weblog. We’re your source for holistic health related issues. Continuing on with How Massage Therapy treats Chronic Pain Conditions, we’re tracking Fibromyalgia. Fibro=Tissue,Myo=Muscle,Algia=Pain. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome, depicted by presenting with nine or more symptoms. The pain of FM may be in one area, most commonly in the :neck,back,shoulders,pelvic girdle, and hands; […]

Holistic approach to Detoxing

Welcome to MyBodyGarage, your source for holistic health topics of interest. Today’s topic is Detoxification. Mother Earth was, once upon a time, a pristine, natural, and unscathed environment. The introduction of mankind adversely effected the ecological and environmental ebb and flow, often with deleterious effects. Native Americans lived in harmony, and respected her. Then, with […]

Whole Foods vs Supplements

Good Morning from MyBodyGarage, your source for holistic health related matters. Allow us to continue with the topic: Whole Foods vs Supplements. Dr. Lonnie Lowery observes a potential dilemma when evaluating liquid supplementation for our elderly, and other at risk populations, that are unable to ingest whole food sources, patients with feeding tubes are but […]

Pathways Hospice CAREGIVER Pamperday

Our fifth annual caregiver pampering day was a huge success; thanks in large part to your presence! We could not have done this without all of our wonderful volunteers. We were able to pamper 55 caregivers during this event; their evaluations for the day illustrated how valuable this experience was. I wanted to share some […]

Massage for circulation

Massage for circulation1. Massage is preeminently a muscle therapy, yet it also improves the inner-workings of the circulatory systems. There are three circulatory systems residing in the body. The nervous system circulates information to and from the brain, and during this action; it organizes fluid circulation, as the fluid is sub-divided into the blood stream […]

Massage Modalities

Allow us to continue with Massage Modalities. There are between 60 and 120 massage types, depending on the source of information. Many of these have been innovations from a combination of Eastern and Western styles, hybrids, if you will. Bowen Therapy is but one of these techniques. Bowen Therapy is not considered massage in the […]