Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 18

Day 18

Feeling okay today except for a bit of a headache – I think I’m a bit dehydrated. Every day they tell me to drink a lot but some days I do better than others. When I woke up – before I even got out of bed – my lower leg and foot didn’t hurt or burn at all. That was nice, but then of course I got out of bed.  Using those muscles wakes everything up. Oh well.

Saw Anna again today. I thought she’d work on my calf but she had such a good time finding trigger point yesterday that she worked on my shin again. She did all kinds of long strokes and rubs and rolls and caused all kinds of pain.  Eight hours later the burning is up in my lower leg but down in my foot. The exciting news today was that the arch on the sole of my foot felt a little ticklish – it hasn’t been ticklish for three years. Amazing. I didn’t expect to have skin sensation ever again and now there is.

The more painful sessions are like a workout. When I leave my whole body feels wrung out and tired. As the days go by I need less time to recuperate but still feel like I’ve been to the gym every time. I find that I still wish I could speed things along but don’t think that would work either.