Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 17

Day 17

I’ve had a day off – the first since we started this experiment; did a lot of sitting in a class yesterday. Other than getting stiff from sitting I didn’t notice a difference from missing a day.

Anna worked on my shin today. I don’t think it hurt as much as when Vanessa worked on it but it’s hard to tell. Anna did more long motions and rubbing than Vanessa did so the sensations were quite a bit different.

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned that part of my neuropathy is that I do not have accurate skin sensations. I do not feel heat much at all until it starts building into something like an electric shock. Cold feels a bit like stabbing but not sharp – just weird. Not surprisingly things like showers, washing dishes, and getting into the pool are less than comfortable.

The reduction in burning/sharpness continues. Its slow but encouraging.