Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 16

Day 16

Did the same crazy thing again last night – saw LOTS of meteors. Even in the middle of the night I do not have any more discomfort than if I sleep all night. Got a nap before meeting with Vanessa and felt the same – good – when I got up. Light burning and no sharpness in my foot. My toes feel kind of strange but they are there and feel a lot more than they used to. I can now feel the muscles+ moving when I rotate my ankle or extend my foot; that is new. I really didn’t feel them before.

Vanessa worked on the back of my lower leg. There is less sensitivity from mid-calf to my ankle than there is from mid-calf to my knee. She hit a bunch of 3-6 spots of sharpness but most of them released fairly quickly. There was burning but not as much as when she was working on my foot. She did hit one spot that went down my foot and clear up to my pelvis – that’s new. Over the course of the session the burning increased to a fairly high level in my lower leg, foot, and just above my knee. However, only my big toe ever really caught fire and that was only when she was on one spot. My toes did go numb but not cold. Standing up at the end the burning went down but not in the wash it often does. Walking to my car I still had some sharpness just above my knee but that only lasted about ten minutes.

Nearly twelve hours later: I’ve walked a lot and gotten stuff done. Walked in the pool for an hour. The burning is up a bit from before the pool, but not bad. The funny thing is my arm was burning in the pool – it has never done that before. Since so much has changed in the last two weeks I figure it’s because of massage – but who knows. When all this first started the most painful area was from my knee to the right end of my hip. I’m curious to know if that will come back and then recede.