Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 15

Day 15

Up very early to see if I could catch part of a meteor shower so I’ve had a few hours sleep. My leg/foot are relaxed and low level burning. My arm has some stabling but not bad. My neck and collar bone are the most bothersome right now. Lots of stabbing and burning. I got my hair cut this week. I was going to let it get longer but it’s back to bothering my neck so its short again. I stopped wearing a necklace that I have been wearing all the time because its irritating too. These are both reactions that I had early on but seemed to fade with time. Hopefully they will fade the other direction – meaning – rather than becoming insensitive, I hope to gain normal sensitivity again. I think of it as when a hand or foot goes numb – it feels less but that isn’t a good thing really. Then when it is waking up as circulation is restored, it is uncomfortable or even painful – especially if moved or touched. Then, when everything is back to normal, there is sensation but it is accurate and not generally painful. I’m hoping that my right side is waking up.

Today Vanessa started working on my lower leg. She has spent two weeks (!) just on my foot and it still is pretty reactive but a lot less than it was. Today she focused on the anterior (front) part of my leg going up the lateral (outside) and then the medial (inside) (there is new vocabulary for me to learn!) using similar pressures like she did on my foot. Most of it didn’t hurt a lot but it still had similar effects. The burning/stabbing went down my foot when she was below half-way up my leg. Above that point it went both ways. My foot got really hot like before – it just took longer. My lower leg got hot too though. There was some burning above my knee during the session but as before, it dissipated quickly as soon as I stood up. Once again, the burning recedes within 5-10 minutes of standing up. It goes to a low level, a little above where it is when I got up in the morning and seems to stay there for the rest of the day.

It has been about four hours since I saw Vanessa. I walked on the treadmill for about an hour and then sat working for two hours – should have set a timer to get up and move around. My leg is stiff from sitting so long. This is nothing new – I need to move about every fifteen to twenty minutes or I stiffen up and it takes a few minutes of movement to get going again.