Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 14

Day 14

I had those two days of waking up with headaches and have had none since. I had thought maybe they were a result of the massage work but I guess not. Everything else is changing so why not that? Awake and energetic this morning. Assorted little stabbings in my arm but the burning in my leg and foot continues to be less. Odd twinges on my right torso – I feel very little on my torso. Also, my voice has been croakier and more variable. This has happened since the stroke (RU), but since the MRU (Most/Massage Recent Unpleasantness) it has been even more variable. Since the immediate response by my right side to massage has been more discomfort which then seems to subside, I’m hoping my voice does the same. It will be a while before we get anywhere that high on my body and I’m pretty sure they don’t directly massage the vocal cords – but who knows!

Vanessa did some more aggressive stuff today – keeping in mind that what she has been able to do that I can tolerate is considerably less than typical massage.  Today’s work was more like typical massage. There are still areas that are quite sensitive but Vanessa was able to push harder, for longer, and go deeper than before. She described it as if air were being let out of a tire. It is so nice that even though the initial touch hurts it goes down to just burning or pressure. This is so different from not so long ago.