Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 13

Day 13

Things are good this morning. Rested well. No headache or extra pain. As with most mornings, my right side is relaxed and has less pain than it does after using it all day.

Vanessa used a lot of her tools today. It’s interesting how they not only feel different from each other, but how almost daily there are changes in how I perceive their pressure, texture, and effect. Some days the ball feels smooth, other days/areas it has varying amounts of bumpiness (it is covered with small knobs). More and more Vanessa is using lotion along with sliding, finger walking, and little circles. These kinds of movements have always created intense burning or sharpness in the past. It is reducing.

The intense burning I experience during sessions fades very quickly. It seems to take about ten minutes – by the time I get to my car and am leaving the parking lot – for my foot to return to normal. It still burns but the overall level is less.