Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 12

Day 12

Feeling good this morning. I was so very tired yesterday. Sleep is a wonderful thing. I still have the usual burning on my right side, but my foot seems to be burning less while my upper body burns more. I realized yesterday that the intense stabbing I’ve felt beneath my collar bone and interferes with getting to sleep has been gone for at least two nights (it still shows up occasionally). I didn’t even notice that lack of pain!

Saw Vanessa today. I still have pain points in my foot but overall it seems less. I decided to write right away after seeing her instead of several hours later today. Right after I leave I feel good. The burning is way down from while they are working on me but the fatigue doesn’t seem to set in for a couple of hours. It’s almost like feeling lighter. Every day is different. Speaking of feeling lighter; I’ve gained weight. Not a lot and I’m sure it’s because I have been really hungry; the sessions do feel like a workout. I’ll need to watch what/how much I eat. I also need to drink more dependably. Some days I do great and others I realize I haven’t drunk nearly enough. Like breathing through the pain – I need to pay attention to what I need and do it all the time rather than only when I feel crummy after the fact.