Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 11

Day 11

It’s Anna’s day to set my foot on fire! It’s a good thing I know that Anna and Vanessa are professionals who both want to help – otherwise – I don’t think I’d be doing this.

Work with Anna today. She used a lot of lotion (comparatively – it used to be too painful) and worked on my Achilles tendon again. It is very reactive. Today I was feeling reactions in my arm – sharp and burning – and even some up under my jaw. It makes me think of the ditty – the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone. In my case it would seem the ankle bone is connected to the collar bone! Anna used the baster on my toe tips, and guess what; it felt like she was using a baster on my toe tips. Very odd; they haven’t felt anything that normal in a long time. Pain levels were up to 5-7 with bonfires but they abated quickly when she let go. After she let go it was as though a wash of relaxation ran down my whole body. I could have gone to sleep there and then. Even felt a little headachy on top of my head for a moment. Home now and feeling good. I have less overall burning in my foot/leg but more in my upper body.

This afternoon and evening I have been very tired. I’m having pain – burning/sharpness and a woozy-like feeling over my entire right side on a level that I haven’t had since the stroke. I can now feel more in my toes but I’m also hurting so much more that I feel as though I’m back 6 months post-stroke. I’m hoping that we are rewinding the clock to before the stroke but we will see. One thing I do know – I can’t do this on days I’m working; I’m too tired. Amazing that work on the foot would be affecting me so much.