Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 9

Day 9

Feeling fine today – no headache not tired. Nice. Occasional twingey (slightly painful tingles – I’m making up words! I’m also finding myself rather boring.) in my calf overnight. A bit stiff on the right side – unusual for after a night’s rest. I’m finding that I need about two hours of down-time/rest each day, extra, since this started. I wouldn’t say I’m exhausted but that it’s as though I’m working and need to recuperate. I find I’m also more sensitive/emotional – probably the stress my body is going through.

Saw Vanessa today. She is so sweet. I love that both Anna and Vanessa are so interested in learning what feels like what. They both are so health and wellness oriented. Not at all what I expected from massage. I thought massage was all about feeling comfortable and relaxed – not about healing. I hope that whatever they learn will help them help others feel or function better.

Just left Vanessa – funny thing, my arm (!) is achier and my ring/pinky fingers are kind of tingly. She was more ‘aggressive’ with my foot and actually used some lotion in rubbing motions along with something she called ‘breaking a Kit-Kat’, which I’m pretty sure is not the technical term. Basically, she took hold of both sides of my foot and moved it around. I don’t think I could have tolerated that a week ago. Today my foot got hot but it didn’t hurt more than that. It also got quite cold. I’m rethinking my view of hot and cold – that they are more of a circle that the cold and hot run into each other.

More of my leg is burning for longer each day. With the fatigue and increased discomfort it would be easy to say this is not worth it. But I will hang in there. Who knows how much more back to normal – before the stroke – I can get unless I keep going.  Frankly, I thought it would take me a month to get to this point. Part of me wants to quit and part of me can’t wait to have them work up to my arm/neck/chest.

So, it’s been a while since my foot was worked on this morning. My arm is back to normal but my leg is still burning more than usual – or rather it appears to be the new normal.