Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 8

Day 8

Feeling good today. Overall, the burning in my foot and lower leg is less and there aren’t any new stabbing pains.

Vanessa worked on my foot today. She tried several of the different textures on my foot. A really soft silicon basting brush caused all kinds of weird tingles, twitches and burning. I could barely feel it but my leg sure reacted. It was cool in the room but I could only feel it on my left side (temperature inaccuracy has been around for three years).  My foot after the brushing was really hot – makes me want to move my foot away from my foot.  Not a lot of pain today, but interesting tingles and twitches, along with numbness/coldness in my toes and burning on the inside of my calf and above my knee (both previously pretty much non-sensing).

All day has gone by and the lighter level of burning is back – gone are the bonfires. They are quite uncomfortable. Feeling more friction between my outer four toes (the big toe is still pretty much MIA). Feeling more still in my entire leg. Strange to have any kind of sensation in most of my leg even if it’s not exactly pleasant.