Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 7

Day 7 – Daily Massage

Headache and neck stiffness again today, tired.  Feeling more in my foot and lower leg than a week ago. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a week. Lots of pain and lots of massage. The changes in my every-day and the amount of pressure required to feel pain is amazing. I never would have thought that there could even be changes in my situation, let alone such fast changes.

Saw Anna again today. She worked on the sides of my foot and spent a lot of time working around my heel and Achilles tendon.  The overall pain level is lower than it was at first. Each day, whomever I see works on a slightly different area of my foot – it must sound like I have really big feet! The surprise is how working on my foot affects my whole leg. Today I felt some burning just above my knee – she didn’t touch it or anywhere near it. I was very tired and even fell asleep on the table for a moment when Anna let go of my big toe!

Well, it’s hours later and even though my foot was like a bonfire while Anna was working on it, there is less burning now than there has been in the last two years. However – the burning above my knee remains and hasn’t been there before. I keep telling myself that this is hopeful – that feeling something is better than nothing.