Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 5

Day 5

Today I see Anna again. Oh joy, this is fun and we’re having it. She caused me more intentional pain yesterday than I’ve had since childbirth and abscessed teeth. And I volunteered for those in only a distant way. The good news: my lower leg is burning but not as much as before I saw her yesterday. Nice. On the other hand, my whole leg/side stiffened up more than usual and it took longer to get everything sliding again so that I could walk at more than a shuffle and hunch.

Today she worked all over my foot but her main focus was the various items she brought to work with how I react to textures. The soft brushing of the baster hurt a lot, the bumpy dog chew ball felt smooth – what hurt or didn’t, did not make a lot of sense. The big surprise was vibration. She could apply pressure that was a 7, but with vibration it was a 3.  With vibration I could tolerate a great deal more. Nice. As usual, there was increased burning. However, soon afterward I got a sense of my lower leg the way I discovered I had toes.

It’s been about 9 hours since she ‘assaulted’ my foot (You can laugh or you can cry. You might as well laugh).  My leg is back to what it’s been but the burning in my foot is even less than yesterday. Again today I seem to stiffen up faster and to a greater degree in my leg. Overall I am feeling more than I was. This does not mean I feel more comfortable. I’m feeling more than I have felt in a long time. I hurt more generally. Still, it does give me hope that with more work I will see movement toward less pain.


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