Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 4

Daily Massage for Health Day 4

Feeling fine today. Wide awake and ready to go. I’m a morning person (duh!). Feeling about the same as when I gave up and went to bed last night (or this morning as the case may be). Some burning in my foot but not as much as there was four days ago.

Saw Anna today. She has worked on my arm/neck/shoulder before so she knows me pretty well. My foot is a new project and after what Vanessa has worked on/helped, there wasn’t a lot of pain – less than the first day for sure. Anna focused on my foot once again but this time on the underside of my arch. She warned me beforehand – and then caused me more pain than since this project started. (How much do I REALLY want to see her again? Will I need psychotherapy after she gets to know my foot better?) I find it helpful to have a pencil/pointer so that I can let my massage terrorist know right where I feeling what he/she is doing since I have transferences that really don’t make sense. As my daughter says, “your nervous system is all screwed up.” All this hurts but is so worth it.

It’s now about 12 hours since I saw Anna. My foot is about the same as yesterday. The rest is about the same as usual, except my lower leg. Anna didn’t touch it. Still, as soon as I stood up and the generalized burning (read bonfires) subsided, my lower leg is burning less than the day before.  Weird. She didn’t work on my leg at all. I’m not complaining.