Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 3

Daily Massage for Health Day 3

Another day of improvement. Though yesterday’s massage was not comfortable (to say the least), it wasn’t as painful as the day before (it’s me – not Vanessa). Though the burning spread and became more intense during her work, it dissipated quickly and I had less burning than the day before overall in my foot. The sensation of having toes remained, though being able to feel them rubbing against each other disappeared within a couple hours. Still, having an awareness of my toes, other than intellectually, is pretty novel.

Today’s work was even less painful – I am so surprised to have this much difference in such a short time after so long since the stroke (my sister calls it “the recent unpleasantness – or – RU. Yes, we named my stroke!).  Vanessa focused on the underside of my arch for the most part. There was sharpness/pain, but it was less than on previous days. The spreading and intensifying of the burning sensation was pretty much like yesterday, but that went back to slightly less than I came in with within a few minutes of standing up and starting to walk around.

Currently – about 11 hours since I saw Vanessa – the burning in my foot is a touch less than before the massage. I’m not feeling friction between my toes (they are kind of numbish) but the awareness of having toes is still there. The rest of my right side has not changed noticeably. I still have the various stabbing, muscle tensions, burning, non-sensation/awareness, stiffness, and occasional lack of control that I’ve had. Still, I consider the changes so far encouraging.