Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 2

Daily Massage for Health Day 2

Felt fine this morning; all the usual burning and stabbing bits that I’ve lived with for three years.  I keep moving my toes around just to feel them. They are still burning but I feel more than I’ve felt in a long time. Feeling temperature and the tingling on my toe tips lasted for about 15 minutes. The reduced burning sensation lasted for several hours.

Vanessa worked on my foot again today. It didn’t hurt in the same spots as it did yesterday. Surprising. I figured what really hurt yesterday would hurt again today.  She avoided the area that led me getting dizzy but worked on other spots. There were some painful spots but none as bad as yesterday. While she was working on my foot there was a lot of burning but since I left the burning is considerably less than I am used to. There is still some across my arch but most of my foot feels surprisingly good. Today I also gained a bit of friction sensation between my toes that I haven’t had in years. I keep wiggling my toes because it is such a novel sensation. I bet babies feel this way discovering their own bodies!

After three years of not feeling a lot of normal sensations, and having a lot of extra, inaccurate sensations, I am anxious to see if work on other parts of my right side will make a difference. I’m also curious to know if the results will last or if they can be maintained with massage. Since regular pain relievers don’t help at all, having less pain is really nice.