Daily Massage – Dee’s Journey Day 1

Dee’s first entry of her daily massage for health journey

Hi everyone.  Feeling good today.  Slept well and looking forward to the massage experiment.

Vanessa worked on my foot today – surprisingly painful. Nothing unusual or unbearable, it’s just that I’ve not been able to feel much in my foot for nearly three years with the exception of a continuous burning sensation. As long as I move around about every 15 minutes I don’t stiffen up too much and I have fairly good muscle control.

Today as she applied fingertip pressure in various places, occasionally I could feel tingling or numbness, and sometimes there was transferred pain or burning in other parts of my right side.  When she pushed on one spot I immediately became dizzy – odd.  That passed within a few minutes after she released the area (which she did as soon as I said I was dizzy). The most interesting part of today was that I felt tingling in my toe tips and then a kind of numbness.  I could feel the warmth of the stones. Totally new after continuous burning for three years!

It’s been about four hours. I can still feel my toes!!!! I keep wiggling them just because it is so different. There is still some burning in my foot and my leg/the rest of me feels the same as it has, but it is a big change from what has been. I’m really curious what the results of more massage will do. Feeling good – and my toes!

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